Beat the Clock 2 Battle Mode

$ 34.99NZD

Competing against the clock and your friends, Beat the Clock – Battle Mode doubles the action for twice the fun!

Red vs Blue. Simply pick a mate to battle, arm yourselves with a battle pad (there are two included), grab the stopwatch and go!

From Brain Busters to Star Jump challenges, Battle Bingo at your local park to Letter Scramble games at home, this set is jam-packed with 33 different unplugged activities all created to get little tigers thinking, moving, and exploring the concept of time — all the while encouraging friendly rivalry.

Beat the Clock – Battle Mode encourages literacy and numeracy skills, drawing and problem solving, hand eye coordination, along with activities designed to improve cognitive growth by testing thought processes, understanding and reasoning. Kids just call it fun.

Includes one Stopwatch (battery included), two 40 page battle pads (one each player), containing 33 challenges and two HB pencils for recording

The packaging for this creative activity set has been specially designed with storage compartments to keep stationery and artwork safe, making it perfect for portable, no-mess and no-fuss play.