Sleep Journal

$ 24.99NZD

Simply the BEST gift for a new mum - the gift of sleep!

Keeping a baby sleep log will not only help you keep track of how much overall sleep your baby is getting (which is useful information to have, to help determine if your baby is sleep-deprived); it will also help you see how that sleep is divided up between naps and night, and will help you spot any inconsistencies or problems.

Logging your baby’s sleep will also help you see if there are patterns to your baby’s sleep issues. For example, your sleep log will reveal which naps are consistently shorter, and what times (on average) your baby wakes at night.

Finally, if you keep a log of your baby’s sleep, you can take the average amount of sleep in 24 hours and use that as a guide when adjusting schedules and setting your expectations on wake-times.

Packed full of amazing smoothie recipes for Mum, lots of bold black and white pattern pages for baby and plenty of space to record all the sleep times, feed times and fun times.