Wall Stickers

    Our Wall Decals are designed and created here in New Zealand by a the clever folk at One Hundred Percent Heart. We love using Wall Decals as they are a creative and simple way to brighten up any room. 

    All of our Wall Stickers are made from specific Wall Art Vinyl that is designed to not leave any marks on your walls. From our research we can tell you that not all companies have taken the time to make sure they are doing the best they can to look after your walls. Simply peel the stickers off and place them onto your walls. You can move them around until you are happy with the layout of the Wall Stickers.

    There are many styles of Wall Decals to choose from - some of our most popular are the small and large Polka Dots, Triangles, Drips, and Bats - well to be honest they are all pretty popular and we like to think there is something for everyone. Y

    We love these Wall Stickers - they are so easy to apply and remove you can change the look of your home whenever you like!
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